Just returned from the 2nd session of my little pet project #No1PorkBurger - Finding the ULTIMATE and NO.1 PORK BURGER in Malaysia... the venue was at ANDES BYO, at Aman Suria - as recommended by Becky. (find out more about the FB group n perhaps wanna join us next time? Join the Facebook Group here ok...)

As usual, Malaysians being Malaysians... we expected FFKs; This round, we had like 8 people + 1 special guest... I was kinda disappointed cos another special guest couldnt make it.. but then, nevermind lor =( The crew today included....
1. @ericyong77 (myself)
2. @bigboss8888 Jonathan Tan
3. @vin_ann Chin Ann
4. @patchay Patrick Chay Ing Keong
5. @SalocinTEN Nicolas
6. @CharlieChia Charlie
7. Joe
.....and then Jason @mynjayz dropped by for awhile as well.

ANDES BYO is located at the same row as Restoran Cha Cha Pan Mee - facing the NKVE =)

This was how it looked like from the front - Andes - Western Local BYO.

On the inside - the setting, the atmosphere and the styling looked pretty so so only though. I would say... its rather simple.

As appetizers, I ordered the awesome Daddy Dry Pork Chili - it is basically the 3-layer pork meat, cooked with plenty of chili, giving you a very appetizing feeling... just in time for the awesome PORK BURGER!!! =)

Today we were rather united - we all ordered the pork burger - one for the each of us!!! LOL =D

Okay... now for the little ratings... remember... Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks!

It looked pretty simple only though, served with fries and some tomato on the side.

The Looks.
Frankly speaking, it did not give me a very good impression from the first look. Apart from the rather thick pork patty, the rest didnt really impress me though. The pork patty was thick - but then the diameter was much smaller than those that I've tried. For looks... the ANDES BYO Pork Burger gets a normal 5.5/10 only.

A closer and 2nd look at the pork burger... still 5.5/10.

Actually, today I'm going to talk about the JUICYNESS first, before taste.

Watch the video.

For JUICYNESS, ANDES BYO's PORK BURGER gets an almost perfect 9/10!!!!! It was super juicy, super nice... and just watch the video... you can see the juices ooooozing out.... I love it this way!! I love to see the juiceee oooziinngg out....

The Taste.
After playing with the juicesss... I finally sunk my teeth into the burger. The feel... it was rather orgasmic. Yes, this is probably the best word to describe Andes pork burger. You can feel the chunkiness of the meat in the patty and taste the true flavours of the pork in here. I would say... the PORK BURGER gets a good 8.5/10.

The Portions.
At RM12.90 for the Andes BYO Pork Burger - I think we have almost found a winner here. If you compare this to say... S'Mores for example, S'Mores is double the price, but portions about 50% more only. So... for this category... ANDES BYO PORK BURGER gets a good 8/10!!!

Now... coming to the bonus marks...

Based on my experience today and the super friendly boss Andy, I would give it an extra 3 marks here.... and then, of course, the place welcomed my special guest as well!!!

Meet Ally - my darling daughter...

See... even Ally looks so happy here...

For the bonus marks, I give it extra 3 for the friendliness, and another 5 for being pet-friendly.

Thats another 8/10.

We had some desserts too - which was on the house. Thank you ANDES BYO.

*note* Ratings/comments/review not compromised because of the ice cream ya.

So, that makes a total of... 39/50!!! That is an impressive 78% or rather... 7.8/10!!! I believe Andes would be the place to beat for the other places coming soon...

Email: andesbyo@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: Andy – 0122200530
Other Phone: 03- 78083292
Address: SAME row as Cha Cha Pan Mee
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

Business Hour :
Monday to Friday :12pm to 3pm & 5pm to midnight
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to Midnight

Reservations: Not required, but may need to if big group.
Set Meals: For lunch yes....
Use of MSG: Err... maybe a little kua.
Outdoor Section: Small section only, corridor seats.
Smoking Section: Not really, but they are really flexible though.
Pet Friendly: YES!!!
Baby Chairs: Didnt noticed.
Separate Bar: Nope.
Car Valet: No valet here, I think parking could be difficult at certain times.
Private Rooms: Didnt noticed.
Credit Cards: Didnt noticed though.

Will I return again? Of course! I reckon ANDES PORK BURGER is in strong contention to be the #No1PorkBurger!!!! =)


James said...

Wow really that good?

Shanker said...

oh andes!! next door to it there's an awesome massage place too! 50 bucks for 2 hour massage!

and thanks eric - will go there myself this wkend to check out the burger! they better give you free burgers for their increase in sales!! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi hi, just stumbled upon your blog, have u tried Cristang @ 8 Avenue in PJ State?? you should. let me know how u rate Cristang once you've tried it. :)

Eric said...

James - yes it is!!!

Shanker - hehehe... why u go there for massage wan? got happy ending isit?

Anonymous - hehe yes I have tried Cristang. It was very very good at first, but after awhile, standards dropped. will go there again to check it out.

Kylie said...

29th December, 1.27am : I changed, I tweaked and I rearranged my new years plan just to have a taste of this pork burger. Mr Yong,I hope your post will not dissapoint cause 320km drive from JB is at stake here. ;)

Eric said...

dun worry, u wont be disappointed at all.

HitoMi Ng said...

wah the pork patty damn thick sial! I wanna munchhhh :p reading ur blog now while having my cereal *ahhh, contradiction~*

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teagantimes said...

*drools* OMD I am soooo jealous of your pups, being allowed into restaurants, and I'm just imagining the crumbs that must need hoovering up. That burger looked incredibly splendid.

Anonymous said...

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