Just returned from the #No1PorkBurger's 3rd outing - still searching and on the lookout for Malaysia's best Pork Burger. This time around... we went to El Meson Espanol - a nice and upscale Spanish restaurant on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. (Missed out? Just go and join the Facebook group here and join us in our hunt for the No.1 Pork Burger next time!!!)

Today's session included:-
1. @ericyong77 (myself)
2. @patchay
3. @vin_ann
4. @bebeelim
5. @CharlieChia
6. @botakai
7. @jaclynchew
8. @kennyng77
9. @frostier

I had actually been to El Meson Espanol before last time - and it has became quite a regular place for me ever since. El Meson Espanol is located opposite Bangsar Village II, on the same row as Chawan, Smokehouse, Social as well as Baskin Robbins.

Anyways, to keep this post short and simple... now for the little ratings... remember... Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks!

Its looks rather simple. Served with some salad on the side, and potatoes.

The Looks.
I'm still looking for the best pork burger by looks - and unfortunately, El Meson's pork burger still didnt impress me much. For looks... El Meson Espanol's pork burger only gets a 5.5/10.

The Juicyness.
I tried pressing on the patty - I didnt get the oozing feeling that I got with Andes. But then, the amount of cheese that they had in the burger gave the burger a pretty juicy feel to it too =) So, for juicyness, I would say... it gets a 8/10.

The Taste.
I loved the taste a lot; the patty was thick enough. It had a good chunky and meaty taste to it, and it wasnt too salty. The bacon was not too oily and fat - hence it gave the burger a slightly salty taste. Overall, I would give the taste a 9/10.

The Portions.
RM25 per pork burger - although it comes with some potatoes and salad on the side, I would say that RM25 was rather expensive for the pork burger. The presentation was good - but it was still expensive. For this part.... El Meson Espanol's RM25 Pork Burger only gets a 6.5/10.

As for the Bonus points - I liked the idea that there were tables available for booking. The service was good, and it was fast too. Place was pleasant, the atmosphere... well, it is Bangsar. But nonetheless, I am still giving it a 7/10 for the Bonus Points.

So in total... the total accumulated points come to... 36/50 - or translates to 7.2/10 or 72%!!!!! Wow... it is getting pretty close here. =P

Meet BebeeLim - she came for the awesome pork burger too!!! =)

...and then meet the best friends forever (bff) - Kai and Charlie.

El Meson espanol
No. 61-63,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru
03 22828290

Reservations: Not required, but may need to if big group.
Set Meals: Lunchtime, perhaps?
Use of MSG: Should be.
Outdoor Section: Corridor seats.
Smoking Section: Yes
Pet Friendly: Dont know, havent asked yet.
Baby Chairs: Should have.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Yes, at Bangsar Village II.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Will I return again? OF COURSE!!! First, it is so close to my place; and secondly, it really does have heavenly pork burgers!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!! Will definitely return!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try out Andes BYO now since you mentioned it is so good.

Eric said...

Andes BYO is awesomeeeee

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