This will be a short but filled with plenty of pictures blog post. Hahaha.. Sorry really havent had the time to blog much, so I thought I might as well show you some pics of this awesome Japanese fine dining restaurant.

The website says this, "ISHIN is a Japanese restaurant serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. We prepare our meals freshly using ingredient imported from Japan's famous Tsukiji market with the finest ingredients of the season. Treat yourself to our special 8 courses dinner that reflects the changing season in Japan. Other than raw fishes, we also have other delightful menu items specially cater for those who preferred the conventional cooking style that are sure to get your taste buds going. Our chefs look forward to taking you on a culinary voyage. We are open for lunch and dinner. Dine with us today! Outdoor seating available if you want to enjoy your meal in the beautiful outdoors."

The group who were there... =)

A nice fine dining place, pretty romantic setting, and quiet too.

Reading the ISHIN website on my iPad!!! *wheeeeeeee*

Some of the decor on the chef's table... I'm not sure if this can be eaten anot... LOL

Nice thick slabs of raw salmon... ahhh...

The chef's special - enough to feed a family of FIVE!

...and then we also ordered something special... the TUNA JAW!

This can easily feed 3-4 people. From the size of the jaw, I cannot imagine how huge the tuna would be!!!

Ahh... the tuna jaw... juicy, and tasty - it was my first time eating tuna jaw, and I think it'll take a lot to beat this dish from ISHIN!

One more picture of this awesome baikuat tuna jaw!!!

Ishin Japanese Dining
No. 202, Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4
Off Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +60 3 7980 8228
Fax: +60 3 7981 0011

Reservations: Yes I would think you need to..
Set Meals: Yes they do!
Use of MSG: Should have kua?
Outdoor Section: Yes, the rooftop balcony seats.
Smoking Section: At the outdoor seats lor...
Pet Friendly: Unlikely, but let me try to convince their boss...
Baby Chairs: Yes.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Yes.
Private Rooms: Yes.
Credit Cards: Yes, all major credit cards accepted.

Will I return again? YES! I love the tuna jaw!!!!! =) I admit that it is kinda costly, I would say a meal there, can cost you between RM60 per head, right up to like RM450 per head, depending on what you order and what you eat. But nonetheless, I still love the place and would go everyday if I could!!!


missyblurkit said...

aiyoh...i am salivating at Ishin photos again. Must return soon and have their Kaiseki too! Wonder if I can knock off from work earlier and head in for the tuna jaw. おいしい!

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