It has been awhile since I last been to Kota Damansara; my most recent visits are mostly for the driving range at the corner of Kota Damansara. I usually hate going to Kota Damansara due to the horrendous traffic jam and lack of parking. However, most recently I realized while the traffic jams are still there, there is the elevated car parking complex right behind the food court with plenty of car park - making it super convenient for everyone!

Anyways, I was there last night to check out this Japanese noodle bar, called SANYOSO MAZESOBA. Situated right opposite the Neighbourhood food court, this shop is impossible to miss. If you choose not to park in the elevated car parking complex, you could find easy parking at Sunway Nexis as well, which is just a short Par 4 distance away. 

So, what is this shop all about? MAZESOBA of course! Mazesoba means mixed noodles - generally a dry noodle dish, where you mixed them all together... 

This is what my wife ordered. The Salmon Mazesoba. (RM 16.80) 

Delicious portion of noodles, coupled with a combination of cheese, minced pork, red and spring onions, fried garlic, seaweed and bonito flakes... with a raw pasteurized egg... you then mix them altogether to get a super tasty combo!

The Ebi Katsu. (RM 6.80)

Deep fried prawns - ideal to go as a side for your noodle... and better, to go with your beer!

The Prawn Gyoza. (RM 10.80)

This shop seem to love prawns a lot, and being a prawn lover myself, the prawn gyoza is also one of my favourites in this place!

The Tori Karaage Mori (with Wasabi Mayonnaise) (RM 11.80)

This one is a MUST TRY!!!!! 

Delicious succulent fried boneless chicken pieces, topped with a tongue-opening wasabi mayonnaise... 

My personal favourite - the CHASHU MAZESOBA. (RM 15.80)

Oh, I didnt mention that the food here is non-halal. Basically similar to the salmon version above, but topped up with delicious braised pork belly... you can see that the chef has specifically selected pork belly that is at least 40% fat to give you the juiciness and tangyness in every bite!

12A, JALAN PJU 5/7

016-222 4688 (currently only open for dinner, lunch to open soon).

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