Back in February this year - I did a nasty blog post - of how rude the service was at Brussels Jaya One. Of course the manager apologized already - and he even offered to buy me a beer - which I never claimed of course. 9 months later - I decided to go back to Brussels Beer Cafe - to try out their pork burger. =)

The Menu.

They have a RM17.80 set lunch - but I decided to try out their pork burger marr...

The Pork Burger.
One phrase to sum it up - it was pretty good. But HOW GOOD? Lets try the little ratings... remember... Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks! For Looks wise - I'm only giving it a 7/10 - it looked pretty simple only, the fries were nothing special, but the strip of bacon there that looked like a tongue... that made it better for me.

It tasted pretty good - I would give it a good 7/10 for that. As for Juicyness - nothing beats Andes at the moment - and this Pork Burger only gets a 6/10. The portion wise.... That gets a comfortable 7/10. As for the Bonus Points - I would say... I cant give too much for them here. Their service improved slightly, but still not up to the mark. I guess I would give them a 5/10 for this.

Overall - it obtained a 32/50 or 64% in total. =)

The ratings might seem low - but it was still worth the pork burger.

I would recommend this pork burger to anyone who wants to enjoy a nice cold beer in the heart of PJ. =)


Anonymous said...

Did they give you a free beer?

pokko said...

If you read about pork you will hate to eat pork!.