If you are in the city and dont feel like gettin in the traffic jams, why not drop by the Life Centre to check out one of the latest chill-out places in town? Check out DIRTY NELLY'S - Sounds Like a Plan... the latest joint to hit the city...

Check out DIRTY NELLY's - the new joint at KL Life Centre! 

Okay, since it is almost dinner time, let me show you the awesome British delicacies in store for you!!!

This is the traditional farmer's minced lamb Shepherd's Pie - topped with mashed potatoes and sealed underneath a golden crispy puff pastry... Very nice, and actually goes very well with beer. =)
RM 38.00

Well... this is one of everyone's favourite, the Gammon steak with pineapple and its signature fried duck egg! =) Hehee this is Dirty Nelly's idea of heaven on a fork! 
RM 45.00

For starters, we have the very simple, yet very appetizing Crab Cakes @ RM 21. Then we had the Dirty Nelly's version of Bangers & Mash - the Sausage with Mustard Mash and Sweet Sour Red Pepper; a delicious jumbo pork sausage boiled and then grilled... RM41.00.

Well... this three dishes above are super awesome, and perhaps deserves a picture slot of their own!

We have Nelly's Belly - the rich and fatty pork belly, exquisitely braised with a medley of spices served with a onion and apple sauce... the texture is like tong poh yoke... but BETTER! =) RM45.00

Then we had the pork or beef escalopes - a simple and tasty meal, pan fried to absolute deliciousness, served with a creamy mushroom sauce. A definite MUST TRY! RM 35.00

On the bottom left is the Beef Cobbler with Scones! =) Light and fluffy on the top, ricvh and tender at the bottom. It is a beef stew with a very cheesy topping. RM 35.00

Well... meet DIRTY NELLY'S.

It is a trio of pork, beef and lamb meat, combined to make a wickedly crazy and tasty patty. Take that, and then add in the English cheddar and Jalapeno peppers, the Mustard Mash, the Grilled bacon and duck eggs sunny side up, the crispy white bait on the side and a little bowl of chili... wow... thats amazing already, too good to be true. Easily one of the better burgers around. =) 
RM 53.00.

Anyways, who came, tried, and left the place to also share the story of this great place?
Well.... meet Queenie, Andrew, Shannon's Fluffy and KL The Guide's Jennifer. =)

Then there are the anti social bunch - Esther, Anna, Jynn and Bok

Hahahhaha sugarbunz Shannon. =P

Meet Marcky, Jackie Loi, Alie Mak and Dennis! 

Blur bunch? Thong Kai, Charlie, Patrick and Evelyn

Dirty Nelly's @ Life Centre 
20 Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur
+603-2181 2537


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