So... there's this new place, a new COFFEE place that opened up in Bangsar recently. In fact, it was only opened like last week... so it is VERY VERY new.

Located on the same row as Antipodean, Coffea Coffee is a new breed of coffee franchises in KL. This one sees its origins from Seoul, Korea - and today, they have over 65 branches.... yes, including one in Gangnam. Hahaha...

Cakes are a side thing here - the main thing here is still their coffee. 

Here's a picture of Timothy, the founder, and the owner Mr Valentine. =)

So... here you can choose from the stronger MAESTRO.

Or the lighter MADONNA. Both are just as good, depending on your liking...

But if you prefer stronger, MAESTRO is the one for you.

One very interesting about this place is... they serve the COE coffee.

The Cup of Excellence coffee - for award winning coffee only. =)

They do have some ice blended items too - called the coolist. I thought their iced caramel macchiato was rather good... so you have to try that one out!

and.... here's a random picture of these anti-social people hahaha... =)

Coffea Coffee
8, Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
9am to 11pm everyday