To add on a bit more to what I have been doing daily, starting from now, I will also blog a little about the various financial markets and news in the world. To some - it might seem very boring. To some of you - perhaps you should take note. You should bookmark this page - as this page will have together all the different market informations auto-updated.

A Key World Financial Market map by CNN.

For our local stock market, I've also attached a little code here that I sourced from which was provided by

There you go.

This page will be bookmarked at the Favourited Posts section - so do come back for more! =)


Jamies said...

The whole world's markets look like its down except Mexico and Brazil.

Eric said...

Jamie - yup its quite bad all over the world.

Anonymous said...

wahh not bad. You have got a full coverage here.

What are you going to blog next? Tips?

Eric said...

Share investment tips?

That wan is not so easy wor. Maybe I can try to brainstorm a bit.