Just returned from the #No1PorkBurger's 4th outing - still searching and on the lookout for Malaysia's best Pork Burger. This time around... we went to d Legends Bar at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail... (Hehe did you missed out on this? Just go and join the Facebook group here and join us in our hunt for the No.1 Pork Burger next time!!!)

For today's session, there was an overwhelming response - in fact, the pork burger SOLD OUT!!!!!! =) There was a good number of us - including Sherwyn, Angel, Joe, Patrick, Jonathan, Vinann, Victor, Julie, Marilyn, Charlie, Jaclyn, Amos, CL, Lai Kuan, Chi Lin, Evelyn, Dennis and myself... 17 of us!!!!!

Ahh... 3 pints of KilKenny/Guinness for RM50... quite a good deal.

The fellas who were there, including the cute Marilyn. =)

Guess who was the surprise guest of the day??? Hehehe... yes, it is ALLY!!!

While waiting patiently for the pork burger - I also ordered the wild boar curry... I am such a pork lover, and wild boar... that is amongst some of my favourites!!! The wild boar curry here was pretty good, tough enough, no fats at all.. and the curry... perfectly spicy for my liking! =)

Oooo... Ally spotted something interesting... what was it?


Anyways... now for the little ratings... remember... Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks!

The patty is made of chunky pork bits, with a good amount of chili padi for a different feeling!

I like spicy food, especially chili padi and all kinds of chili too. I love the taste quite a lot; however I think not everyone would love it due to its extreme spicyness though. The patty, apart from being spicy, it was also a little overly salty. You'll really need to eat up all the fries to counter that part too. Anyways, for the Taste, I would rate it a good 7/10.

A very simple presentation.

I'm still looking for the best pork burger by looks - and unfortunately, d Legends Bar's pork burger still couldnt satisfy me - looks wise. It looked pretty simple. Having it on a nice sparkling white plate did some magic though; so Looks-wise.... the burger gets a 6/10.

Ahh... here comes the Juicyness. It may not be as juicy as Andes - I was about to rate it as 6/10 - until Marilyn was pressing the burger a bit and I spotted some of the juices oozing out... that just clinched it by another point.. juicyness wise... a good 7/10.

Portion... or rather, value for money... the portions are about just nice, and best part is... it was only RM15 NETT!!! =) For this price, I would give it a good 8/10 for Portion...

Here comes the Bonus points... firstly, parking was easy. Secondly, it was considerably pet friendly, or rather, Ally was welcomed there. Thats a strong PLUS point. The owners - especially Hans - was very friendly and very down-to-earth, chatting with the customers and so on. I was there for two nights in a row already - and I believe the place is a nice place, simple and chill-out. Music is good too. I shall give it a 7 extra bonus points!

That makes a total of... 35/50 - or 70% - 7.0/10. Not a bad scoring, turns out it gets a tie with Meat Expert's Pork Burger's unofficial scoring too =)

d Legends Bar, TTDI (link)
24 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
BBM pin - 226238B4
Twitter Handle - @dLegendsBar

Reservations: Not required, but do call or BBM if you have a big group.
Set Meals: Dont think so!
Use of MSG: Possibly a little, the patty and also the wild boar curry a little salty.
Outdoor Section: Nope.
Smoking Section: Anywhere in the shop.
Pet Friendly: Considerably yes, but dont say I told you ya.....
Baby Chairs: Didnt noticed, but maybe got.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Nope, but not required.
Private Rooms: Nope.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Will I return again? I went there 2 nights in a row. Both nights had my pork burger - both nights just as good. I love my chili - and I love my pork burger - here, being a combo, it just somewhat clinched the deal quite a bit. However, this burger is really for the adventurous ones only...